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We all can't have everything we want

. . . Life can't be fair to everyone

Lost and Found
9 October 1990
Just to let you people know, I'm weird. If you haven't met me personally, you might not know that. I always was, am and will be. There's no doubting that.
The reason there is a rabbit eye staring at you is because I like rabbits and happen to have one myself.
I can also say that my personality is like a rabbit. I was shy when I was a small child, but I learned to get over it as most people do. I also hide some parts of myself from others. I often don't tell people everything either because either I forget about it, or I don't want to tell about it. It's like a rabbit poking its head out of its burrow and looking at the world around it and hearing the wind whisper news of far away places and events. You can see the eyes and the ears, but you can't see the whole body.
Also rabbits are gregarious creatures. I enjoy being around people too.

It's lots of fun to goof off, but I often don't get many voluntary fellow mischief makers. I also like making fun of stuff. It's fun and I get a kick out of it. I also enjoy satire, because it's humorous. It also pokes fun at people and society. Heck I also laugh a lot, so you better not say anything funny around me when I'm eating.

I don't mind much things either. I think that playing poker in church or in church related activities is perfectly ethical as long as you're not gambling. Also, I think that being gay is fine and that slash stories are very intriguing and nice and should be written and published if they're good enough.

In case you want to know how I got into R+, it was because of alien_invaders, my friend. She introduced me to it and I found I had a taste for heavy metal. It has lots of emotion. It has anguish, anger and pain and sometimes happiness. I like it. I like emotional music. There's no doubting that. I can't deny it and I won't. *starts head banging*

One other thing about me: I play piano, viola and violin. I usually play classic music. If you think I'm a Mozart fan, I'm not. I never would buy a whole CD of Mozart. I like composers from the Romantic period. The music from the Romantic period is a bit more emotional. So, yeah, I'm wierd and I like to listen to classical music sometimes; I grew up with it. What more can I say.

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